Complaints and Advisory Organisations

Consumer Redress

There are three Consumer Redress Schemes that have been approved by the government and cover the whole of the United Kingdom.

The contact details of these schemes are as follows:

The Property Ombudsman Scheme

01722 333 306

Ombudsman Services: Property

0330 440 1634

The Property Redress Scheme  

0333 321 9418

Tenants’ Advice

Please find below the contact details of two organisations which can assist prospective/current/past tenants:

Shelter Line

0808 800 4444

The Mix  


Landlords’ Advice

The following organisations are membership organisations or other helpful sites which are able to advise and assist Landlords.

If you are a tenant with a complaint against a Landlord, you may be able to complain to one of the first three organisations.

National Landlords Association

0207 840 8900

Guild of Residential Landlords

01423 873 399

Residential Landlords Association

01619 620 010

Landlord Action

0333 240 9759

Landlord Zone

0845 260 4420

Alternative Membership and Regulatory Bodies

There are other organisations that operate in a similar manner to us and who may be able to look into a complaint against one of their members:

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

0207 222 7000‎

National Approved Lettings Scheme

01242 581 712

Association of Residential Managing Agents

0207 978 2607

Law Society

0207 242 1222