NFoPP Professional Standards

All members of NAEA, ARLA, APIP, ICBA and NAVA are required to comply with the professional standards we have produced and adopted. We also provide guidance to assist them in operating their businesses in accordance with the law and our expected standards.

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In addition to the documents created by our organisation, there are also the standards that we have adopted from different organisations, such as the Code of Practice set down by The Property Ombudsman Scheme, which also form an integral part of our own Conduct and Membership Rules.

The professional standards together with the guidance issued by ourselves and Government organisations that we expect our members to follow, help to ensure that we are working in the public interest by raising the standards of the industry as a whole.

The latest change in our Rules occurred on 2 February 2016, if you would like to view the information that was pertinent prior to the above date, please click here.